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Cynthia Bennett, York

Donna L. Bennett, York

Courtney R. Boyer, Hellam

Helen L. Brady, Dover

Debra A. Brendlinger, Dover

Raynette M. Derksen, York

Theodore L. Fahringer Sr., Columbia

Patricia I. Foller, Dover

Loretta M. Hoin, Strinestown

George C. Hoover, New Oxford

Ada B. Keeney, Seven Valleys

Paul J. Kopp, East Berlin

Conrad C. Lunz, Gettysburg

The Rev. Andre J. Melus key, Susquehanna Township

Robert J. Meredith, Hanover

Harold R. Plowman, York

Gerald E. Rohrbaugh, Manchester Township

Paxton X. Schaffer, Manchester

Irene E. Smith, Dallastown

Todd W. Smith, Dover

Steven L. Stover, Aspers

Frank W. Swayze IV, Akron

Dorothy J. Whisler, Jacobus

Zh'aair J. White, York