Reading Tom Harris' letter, "Wrong questions," in the June 6 York Dispatch made my jaw drop from the ridiculousness of his remarks.

Climate change denial is going to extremes and now includes pollution denial as well.

Mr. Harris makes the extreme remark that we should be protecting our children's health by burning more coal. Is he serious? If so, I have a new health regimen for Mr. Harris to try out. He should climb to the top of Brunner Island's smoke stack while putting his head down in, taking deep breaths and breathing in the pollution being released from burning coal. He should repeat this until he feels his health has improved.

He says we are asking the "wrong questions." I agree. We should be asking where Mr. Harris and his International Climate Science Coalition are getting their funding, because it's obvious that he has no interest in real climate science. We should be asking how much money this guy has accepted from the coal industry to attach his name to such contrived nonsense.

Climate change is here and now and affecting this planet in very serious ways, and we should be asking how climate deniers like Mr. Harris sleep at night and why on earth would anyone listen to him.

Porter Hedge

Spring Garden Twp.