Are you satisfied with the condition of the roads, bridges and highways that you use every day? Transportation quality and capacity affect our lives directly.

We all depend on our transportation infrastructure to live our lives and do our business. If Pennsylvania doesn't do something about our decaying infrastructure with transportation funding, we all lose.

Senate Bill 1 would add $2.5 billion dedicated transportation funding. This amount is less than the amount recommended by the governor's Transportation Funding Commission. Keep in mind that his commission clearly identified the problem: insufficient funding, a $3.5 billion gap per year. In his budget, the governor recommended transportation investment funded by the phase out of the cap on the Oil Franchise Tax over the next five years.

The cost of doing nothing is time, safety loss, more weight restricted bridges with time consuming detours and more expense later from underinvestment. The Funding Commission estimated that the funding gap will double by 2020 if nothing is done, so the gap grows by about $1 million for each day the problem is not addressed.

It is estimated that the cost of Senate Bill 1, for each of us, will be around $2.50 a week. No one wants to pay more. But, our transportation system is in poor condition and needs improvement. Failure to act will not help us and is unacceptable from a cost standpoint. Inaction costs more than action.


The benefit of transportation funding doesn't stop with improved roads, better bridges and increased safety; transportation funding would also support our economic competitiveness and would support nearly 50,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, the majority of which in industries other than construction.

Let's not continue to shortchange our transportation system, contact your local House representative today and tell him to support transportation funding.

Darrell Auterson

President & CEO

York County Economic Alliance