Have you noticed anything new on Pennsylvania Avenue?

If you haven't noticed anything, take a look at the street signs. You will see "The Avenues" historic street signs at every intersection on Pennsylvania Avenue from Roosevelt Avenue west to Carlisle Avenue that were installed in late spring this year.

The Pennsylvania Avenue signs join the first installation of historic signs on Carlisle and Roosevelt Avenue done in 2011, which serve to mark the unofficial borders of the historic Avenues Neighborhood.

This year's signs were purchased by the Avenues Neighborhood Association with proceeds from the Avenues Home Tour held in October 2012, and they were installed by the City of York Public Works Department. Pennsylvania Avenue was chosen as the second sign location because of its high traffic volume. We hope that one day there will be historic signs on every street in the neighborhood.

The association is grateful to the many neighbors who volunteered to make the tour happen; to the many city and county residents who bought tickets to attend the event; and to the City of York for the installation.

The Carlisle and Roosevelt Avenue signs were purchased with a $1,500 Neighborhood Pride mini-grant from the Resources for Urban Neighborhoods (RUN) Program. RUN was a two-year pilot program funded through a generous grant from the York County Community Foundation (YCCF) and Women's Giving Circle of the YCCCF. RUN also awarded Neighborhood Pride mini-grants to a number of other neighborhood association projects in York City in 2011.


There are currently about 10 active neighborhood associations in the City of York, as well as residents everywhere doing things to make their neighborhoods better places to live.

I believe the truth in Jane Jacobs' words that the best cities are actually federations of great neighborhoods.

Mary Anne Bacas

Avenues Neighborhood Association