Book lovers, check this out.

The state's recently approved 2013-14 budget gives a $1.27 million subsidy to York County Library System, the network of 13 libraries across the county.

That amount is the same as last year, but it's also exactly what library officials were hoping after the budget cuts of years past.

The level funding also includes a $377,000 allocation to Martin Library for the special services it provides as a district library center for 20 libraries in York and Adams counties, said Bill Schell, president of Martin Library Association.

Schell said the local library system petitioned the governor and legislators to maintain funding, "understanding this year's challenging for revenues and some of the larger issues" state government is facing.

The level funding is welcome compared to, for example, a decade-old, 50 percent subsidy cut from which the libraries are still reeling, he said.

Local increase? Library officials have in past years asked the county to pick up some of the deficit, citing staff cuts, a lack of new materials and reduced circulation resulting from cuts.

The county is the library system's biggest contributor, as the system collects one-tenth of a mill -- or about $2.5 million -- from taxpayers. Officials have in recent years unsuccessfully petitioned county commissioners to increase that amount.

Schell said Monday he isn't sure whether the libraries will ask for an increase again this year, as officials


are still evaluating the budget and formulating a proposal.

Where it goes: Most of the state money, about $1.1 million, is distributed to the 13 libraries in York to be spent on their programming, Schell said.

About $185,000 goes to the library system to support programs, including materials for a centralized collection that can be checked out through any library, he said.

Libraries have seen a shift from print to electronic media, with about half the users at Martin using electronic media, he said.

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