The Crispus Attucks Association embarked on their first large-scale fundraiser on July 6. Wingstock was conceived as a community event focusing on some all-American passions: hot wings, bands, beer and baseball.

Our goal at Crispus Attucks is to help Yorkers improve their lives. This event will help us continue our work by uniting the county in a festival that includes unusual competitions, offers the best hot wings in York and provides funds to maintain our many valuable services to the community. Now, we want to thank the many people who made Wingstock a success.

The planning committee of community volunteers worked for more than a year bringing together this wonderful event. It is their unselfish commitment that brought the fun to Sovereign Bank Stadium. Thank you can't begin to describe the appreciation we feel for their hard work.

A special thanks goes out to the many sponsors who believed in our vision of Wingstock and understand the difference that Crispus Attucks makes in the lives of many Yorkers. Their financial commitment when it was still a dream made it all possible.

York is blessed with people who willingly give of their time and talents. These people were our volunteers -- ready to assist people, answer questions and help to keep people cool on a scorching hot day. Thank you for spending the day in the hot sun to make the event go smoothly.

Thank you to the stadium staff for providing a great venue for our first Wingstock. Thank you to the bands: the Sting-Rays and TimeOut for providing great entertainment. We heard rave reviews from everyone about your music.


And finally, thank you to the people to came out in the hot, hot weather to see what Wingstock was all about. You are the heart and soul of York County.

Please join us for a bigger and better Wingstock 2014.

Bobby Simpson

and the Crispus Attucks

board and staff