I recently read our state Reps. Stan Saylor and Seth Grove's article about property tax relief tools in the new state budget.

One of the tools is the ability of school boards to reopen their budget based on the new state funding they actually get.

The idea is that school boards have the opportunity to lower property taxes by assessing the new money they get from the state.

This is what I call the fluff approach to meaningful property tax reform.

There is no guarantee that school boards will re-open their budgets. And if they did, what are the chances that property taxes would be lowered -- not to mention the pension liability that school boards have to deal with.

I invite all York County property owners to get on board with House Bill 76. We need to put pressure on our local legislators to be out in front of this legislation that would eliminate property taxes. We need a substance approach to eradicate this regressive, tyrranical tax.

HB76 is the path toward owning your home without any fear of it ever being taken from you because of an inability to pay your property tax.

Tom Keesey

Spring Garden Twp.