The effort to create pedestrian crossings on North George Street has proven a good suggestion. Vehicles driving north and south stop to allow foot traffic to traverse this hectic stretch of commerce and entertainment.

However, the idea needs to shift southward.

A large volume of pedestrians use the region at the new York City Hall, 101 S. George St., and also Family First Health at 116 S. George St. for parking and conducting business.

Regrettably, many cross this busy stretch in varied spots, causing stop-and-go car traffic to facilitate those walking. This area shows increased foot traffic.

Possibly this is on a drawing board, but I suggest a pathway from the gates of City Hall -- mid-block, which is nearly parallel to the entry point of Family First Health's doors.

Another place to consider putting a crosswalk is where the Fulton Bank and Christ Lutheran Church meet Mason Avenue.

York is on the mend. Let's keep the momentum going.

Think forward.

Terrence Downs

North York