The Northeastern school board on Monday approved the policy for collecting its new activity fee for students.

The fee applies to any middle or high school student and requires each student to pay a $50 fee if they decide to participate in any co-curricular or extra-curricular activity, athletic or non-athletic.

The activity fee is an annual, one-time fee. The household fee should not exceed $100, according to Kevin Gebhart.

In other words, a family with three student-athletes would still only pay $100.

For now, the revenue from the activity fee goes into an unrestricted, undesignated fund used to pay for the programs. The money still goes to the students, according to Brian Geller.

The policy says "students who experience personal hardship circumstances may complete an activity fee waiver request and submit it to the building principal."

The fee will not automatically be waived for students receiving free or reduced priced lunches.

Those students will need to complete a separate application to have the activity fee waived.

Board member Vanessa Snell inquired about a possible donation fund where people can donate money to help a student who cannot afford the student activity fee.

Fellow board members liked the idea, but district officials agreed they need to work out the logistics of how such donations would be made and handled.

The motion to adopt the policy passed unanimously.


The school board decided earlier this year to implement the activity fee to help balance a 2013-14 budget that also included a 2.7 percent tax hike.