Supervisors Michael Husson and Madelyn Shermeyer lost the Republican primary in Dover Township in May.

But they received enough write-in votes from Democrats to make the general election ballot.

That means the general election for Dover Township supervisor will be a repeat of the primary.

Challengers Steve Parthree and Steve Stefanowicz will appear on the ballot as Republicans; Husson and Shermeyer will be on the ballot as Democrats.

The York Dispatch asked the candidates a series of questions. Those questions and the candidates' responses appear below.

Biographical information:

Michael G. Husson (D)

Age and address: 38-year resident of Park Street

Family: Married - wife (Sue) 40 years; 3 children; and 4 grandchildren

Occupation: Electrical Designer (employed for 36 years)

Military: U.S. Army (Honorable Discharge), served in Vietnam (1971-1972)

Education: Central York High School (Graduated 1969); Engineering Courses: York College of Pa. and Harrisburg Area Community College

Community organizations with which you are active:

-- Memberships: Dover Township Board of Supervisors; Dover Township Sewer Authority; State Committee for Townships over 10,000 Populations; York Lodge #266, Free & Accepted Masons; and York Forest, No. 30, Tall Cedars of Lebanon.

-- President: Board of Directors, Dover Area Ambulance and York County Association of Township Supervisors.


-- Auditor and Member: Calvary U.M. Church (York).

Alternate: York-Adams Area Earned Income Tax Bureau and York County Local Government Advisory Committee.

Steve Parthree (R)

Age and address: 63, of Old Carlisle Road

Family: Married with four grown children and 11 grandchildren. My wife and I have lived in Dover Township since 1971.

Occupation: President, One Way Janitorial, Inc. (semi retired) Owned and operated One Way Janitorial, Inc. for the last 37 years.

Education: Graduated from York Suburban High School.

Community organizations with which you are active: Member of Christian Business Men's Connection, serving on the Board as Treasurer, the National Federation of Independent Business Men, Living Word Community Church and York County Republican Committee, Dover District 3.

Madelyn Shermeyer (D)

Age and address: Admire Road, Dover

Family: Husband, daughter and son, four grandchildren

Occupation: Retired

Education: Graduate of Dover High School, Thompson's Business College, civil service major

Community organizations with which you are active: President of the Greater Dover Historical Society

Steve Stefanowicz (R)

Age and address: 60, Carlisle Road

Family: Two sons, their wives and five grandchildren

Occupation: Business owner - RV Sales & Service

Education: Lampeter-Strasburg High School (Lancaster) - Millersville University - Civil Eng.

Community organizations with which you are active:

Questions and answers:

1. If you could make one change to improve the quality of life for residents in Dover Township, what change would you make? Explain your choice.

Husson: My change to improve the quality of life in Dover Township would be to expand our commercial use development. The expansion is for a two-fold purpose. Mainly, it will bring additional mercantile tax into the township which will assist in alleviating additional tax burden to residential property owners. With the passage of the liquor license sale referendum, which my committee and I were instrumental in getting passed in the April 2012 election, it benefited the sales at the two Township residing golf courses and in the future could be a positive incentive in attracting chain style restaurants into the Township. Not only will this assist the Township tax base, but it will be a convenience to residents from having to travel to eating establishments that reside in neighboring municipalities.

Parthree: Make the Township more business friendly. This would broaden the tax base and bring more jobs to the township. As a Board of Supervisors, we should create a volunteer Business Advocate Committee, that would assist and encourage individuals or businesses who want to start or move a business to the Township.

Shermeyer: To have PADOT work with Dover Township in improving our highways into the township. REASON: Much less stress for our residents traveling back and forth to work, less time accessing the shopping areas around York. I frequently hear "soon we won't be able to get to York from Dover " because of the traffic. Stress definitely contributes to quality of life.

Stefanowicz: The quality of life can be affected by reducing the financial demand on the residents of Dover. Taxes are a part of this but there are other fees and expenses that need to be reviewed.

2. What will your other priorities be if elected as a township supervisor? Explain why those are your priorities.

Husson: Another main priority is to make sure that the existing and future Boards maintain the agricultural characteristics of the Township. Failing to maintain this zoning could open all of the agricultural properties for future massive residential development and bring more issues to the school district and the tax base. Next, with the Township purchasing the golf course property adjacent to the High School, it needs to be a priority to develop the property to accommodate all resident requirements. Also I feel another priority that needs to be addressed is to continue with the Township's road maintenance program. The Township has 120 miles of roads and it is important to the residents that we continue with the plan formulated to uniformly maintain the quality of the Township road system. This plan prioritizes the yearly maintenance that needs to be completed to assure our roads are in safe and passable order.

Parthree: Keep taxes at the current rate or lower, if possible. Another priority would be to listen to the residents of the Township when making decisions that affect them. Their input is very important.

Shermeyer: Continually work to attract more commercial and light industry to our township. WHY-increase our tax base.

Stefanowicz: Changing the environment to make a business want to move into our area or stay in Dover Twp. is important. Changes like this will cause an increase in jobs and income to the area.

3. Dover Township has a tax rate of 1 mill. How would you rate the township's job of controlling costs and its tax rate? Why?

Husson: I have been on the Board of Supervisors for 18 years, and the Board has not raised Township taxes from 1 mill during my tenure. We have had a balanced budget each year and have maintained the level of spending, but assured every department, within the Township, has adequate funds to assist their needs to accommodate our residents' requirements, whether they be through daily operations or even through the many extracurricular programs that are provided to assist in improving the quality of life for our Township residents.

Parthree: The Board has done a good job at keeping the rate as it is, however I think we could save money in various areas that could result in a lower tax rate.

Shermeyer: Having worked on many budgets during my terms in office we always review what can be cut or reduced in our budget thereby controlling our costs and therefore being able to keep our 1 mill tax rate. It is sometimes very difficult making the decisions, what we can perhaps "put off" for another year. If our residents have to "tighten their belts" then it is only reasonable for the township to do the same.

Stefanowicz: No matter what the tax rate is the tax payer is paying too much for government. At some point it has to be enough. I think that government and education need to change their mind set. Most government employees believe that if money is available in their budget it needs to be spent or they won't get it next year. Money should only be spent when there is a need & the expenditure is approved.

4. Dover Township relies on Northern York County Regional Police for protection. Is that sufficient? Should the township explore other options? Why or why not?

Husson: The Northern York County Regional Police has been in operation since 1972, and as most people are aware, their station resides in Dover Township. This location is very beneficial to serving our residents' immediate needs in that their presence within the Township, whether it be their patrolmen's daily assignment within the Township or just traversing our roadways to serve the 7 other municipalities within their jurisdiction, makes it a vital asset. Studies have been done on whether there needs to be further regionalization. It's always important to weigh all options, but my opinion on the outcome is whether there are any additional benefits to my residents. It goes back to my initial statement, any decision on regionalization must assure me that convenience and awareness still exists in our local police protection.

Parthree: Stay with Northern Regional. Always keep our option open.

Shermeyer: I personally am not pleased what our share of the police budget is BUT as far as the protection from NYCRP we really couldn't ask for better. I do not feel we should explore other options. WHY -- having served and serving on various county committees I am able to question other municipal representatives regarding their police coverage and I suppose one only gets what one pays for. Could there be changes made in our contract with YCRP - YES.

Stefanowicz: The regional police seem to have a good presence in our area. Their reputation is being tough and fair, while supporting our residents.

5. Why did you decide to run for township supervisor? Why should people support your candidacy for township supervisor?

Husson: First, I would like to thank everyone who came out to vote in the May Primary and to the Democrats who saw fit to write-in my name as a candidate. Even though I am on the November ballot as a Democrat, my decision making is not politically driven. Never has my decisions been based on whether the applicant is Republican, Democrat, Independent, voter, or non-voter. Prior to my 18 year tenure as a Township Supervisor, I was a member of the Township Planning Commission for about 15 years. At that time, I felt it was time to increase my commitment to the Township residents. People should support my candidacy because I never have and currently do not have a personal agenda, like some of my opponents, for serving as a Township Supervisor. My decisions are honest in aiding residents in solving their issues, but mainly, they are based upon what I feel will benefit the majority of the residents that I serve.

Parthree: As stated above, we need to bring more business to the Township. If the residents of the Township would like to see a fiscal conservative serving on the Board, and a more common sense approach to decision making, they should consider supporting me.

Shermeyer: As an incumbent running for township supervisor I've been able to bring issues forward to the rest of the Board and with their help have made positive changes such as re-zoning. Support: I try to be the Conservative Voice on our Board. When elected we take an oath to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of our township residents. Honesty, integrity and honor to me are most important in serving our constituents. These three qualifications I have displayed in my terms in office and would continue to do so if re-elected. Always being available to our residents by ALWAYS answering phone calls and keeping in touch with the residents.

Stefanowicz: I wanted to give some time back to our community, with a goal of making our environment better. After thinking about my background and experience, I believe I can provide a benefit in the position of Township Supervisor. If a resident/voter thinks someone with real business knowledge and a good dose of common sense would be good, then they should vote for Steve Stefanowicz.