Two candidates are seeking a supervisor's seat in Peach Bottom Township in the Nov. 5 general election.

David Gemmill, winner of the Republican primary, will face off against Democrat Wes Carter, who ran uncontested in that election.

They are looking to replace supervisor John Johnson. His term expires at the end of the year, but he opted not to seek re-election.

The York Dispatch posed a series of questions to the candidates. Those questions appear below, along with Carter's responses. Gemmill did not respond to an inquiry about his candidacy.

Biographical information:

Wes Carter (D)

Age and address: 46, of Delta

Family: Wife, son, age 17, and daughter, age 13

Occupation: Substitute school teacher

Education: Bachelor's degree in English from Penn State University. Currently pursuing a master's degree at Millersville University.

Community organizations with which you are active: Peach Bottom Planning Commission, Peach Bottom Recreation Commission, Delta Area Baseball and Softball for Youth, Barrens Soccer, Girl Scouts of America

David E. Gemmill (R)

Age and address:




Community organizations with which you are active:

Questions and answers:


1. If you could make one change to improve the quality of life for residents in Peach Bottom Township, what change would you make? Explain your choice.

Carter: I would work to improve our public spaces -- areas that everyone uses and which all would benefit from. We have many roads in the township that are privately (and often poorly) maintained because the township government cannot afford to take them over. Our municipal park has lights on a ball field which are in disrepair and need to be improved and replaced. There are several locations in the township that would be ideal for walking/bike trails. I would work with county, state, and federal agencies to find funding for these projects.


2. What will your other priorities be if elected as a township supervisor? Explain why those are your priorities.

Carter: According to the county plan, Peach Bottom Township is one of the few townships in southeastern York County that has areas zoned for industrial use. I want to investigate ways to attract more commercial enterprise and light industry to the township, to provide local jobs and increase the tax base. I would also aggressively persue grant monies and work with county, state, and local government in order to maximize funding without raising taxes.


3. Peach Bottom Township has a tax rate of 0.47 mills. How would you rate the township's job of controlling costs and its tax rate? Why?

Carter: While the school tax seems to go up every year, the local tax rate has not changed. At 0.47 mills, a property assessed at $150,000 pays $70.50 in tax to the township. I think the supervisors, road crew, and township manager have done an outstanding job of maintaining services and the tax rate while costs they cannot control continue to rise.


4. Peach Bottom Township relies on state police for police protection. Is that sufficient? Should the township explore a local policing option, such as joining a regional police force? Why or why not?

Carter: I have lived in the township for thirteen years, and I am personally satisfied with the police protection we have. I would not be against exploring a local policing option, but I'm not aware of a need that would support an increase in township expenses.


5. Why did you decide to run for township supervisor? Why should people support your candidacy for township supervisor?

Carter: I am running in the interest of serving all residents of the township. I have no personal agenda. I will consider all sides of every issue before making a decision that will impact our township.