The Spring Garden Township Zoning Board will decide Monday if Penn State York can move forward with plans to update and add on to the Ruhl Student Community Center on campus.

As part of the hearing, the board will decide whether the university can exceed the township's height restrictions, said Linda Keller, the township's zoning officer.

Pending the board's approval Monday night, the university hopes to move forward with its plans to redevelop the student center and add new athletic and office facilities, said Barbara Dennis, spokeswoman for the campus.

The plans before the board include adding a multi-athletic center, slightly larger than a volleyball court, to be used for kinesiology classes and for sports teams to use, Dennis said. The addition would also include offices for staff and for student organizations, as well as locker rooms, a fitness center and a game room, she said.

The existing student center will be renovated, Dennis said.

"What's there is going to be there," Dennis said. "But we're going to add on to it and renovate other areas."

Keller said if the zoning board approves the height allowance, the university will still need to have land development plans approved by the township.