The small borough of West York may as well change its name to Wilsonville. Long-sitting Councilman Brian Wilson touts himself as the sole voice of reason and frequently proclaims how he sleep, breaths and bleeds for the borough -- sacrificing his vacation days to park cars to raise money for West York, donating his time and efforts and living every moment for the cause of keeping the borough solvent.

Such heroics should be celebrated with a parade and fanfare.

The real story is that Mr. Wilson has fought tooth and nail to provide the labor unions with everything they need to control the coffers of West York, giving into every one of their whims regardless of the cost. Whether it is the Teamsters for the police department or the Teamsters for the fire department, he has kowtowed to every demand, and they have backed Mr. Wilson at every turn.

The borough's non-union employees have his back as well. Why wouldn't they? They have a sweetheart-deal benefits package as part of their bargain. So in essence residents of West York, you have been sold-out by the employees of the borough, Mr. Wilson, Councilwoman Shelly Metzler and the Teamsters Union.

Before there was a change in council, our non-union employees received an automatic 10 percent raise every year. Our police force grew and grew, and salaries were compounded 5 percent every year. And every year, taxes were increased to cover these expenses. If you haven't noticed, your taxes have not increased over the last two years.


At a recent meeting, an accusation was made that services have been cut as a result of this stagnant tax rate. I challenge anyone to show a service that has been cut or an employee who has been laid off. You can't because it is a lie. It is a lie in a series of lies, deceptions and rumors that have been spewed, starting two years ago -- with telling the non-union employees that they will be losing their jobs, that the police and fire departments were going to be closed and that the new majority would be selling West York off to York City or West Manchester Township.

We were warned in the last borough meeting that in January there will be a new council with a specific agenda. That agenda is one of repercussions for those who have opposed Mr. Wilson and the unions, one of increased taxes and expanded government and an increased police force that is accountable to no one.

Remember, one universal truth of municipal government is when taxes go up, home-owners move out and crime fills the void. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy for the unions, since we will need to expand the police department to deal with the mess. The union wins, Mr. Wilson wins, and everyone else loses in Wilsonville.

Shane M. Louthian

West York