This statement appeared on state Rep. Seth Grove's website Nov. 24, and I must take issue.

Grove states, "For the first time in 50 years we will have an up-to-date prevailing wage law."

Prevailing wage is an artificial wage set by the government to pay union workers on government-funded projects.

The new law raises the threshold for these projects from -- and this is no mistake -- $25,000 to $100,000. Grove states that this will save local governments money and allow them to complete more improvement projects every year, and therefore help make your community safer and cost residents less in taxes.

So we are to believe that the increase to $100,000 is going to make a difference. Readers, do you understand this thinking, or are you numb? This change is an insult to my intelligence. This small chump change will do nothing to make us safer or save us money. All this does is to try to fool you into believing our crack legislators are doing their jobs.

Initially, both Grove and state Rep. Stan Saylor voted against this bill and in less than 24 hours voted for it. Grove will tell you he changed his vote because they changed the prevailing wage act, while Saylor wants safer roads for his children to drive on.

I have my doubts about their reasons and believe this was the good old boys in action - you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.


Never mind that they want to increase the speed limit on some roads to 70 mph. Does this sound safe to you?

So, now we have a $2.3 billion transportation bill with all the pork that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh can muster, and with all the tax increases in this bill it will only hurt the people they claim they are protecting the most - the poor and middle class.

Another issue Grove is pushing is the Optional Property Tax Elimination Act, or OPTEA. This bill -- House Bill 1189 -- would allow each school board to decide if it wants to increase other taxes in their district to offset or lower the property tax. Can you imagine how this would work, especially since there are more than 500 school districts? Have you ever had your school taxes reduced?

Let me be clear. Once the school boards have or implement this option you will not see any reduction in your tax but most likely you will pay more.

House Bill/Senate Bill 76 is the only way to eliminate this tax once and for all. Our elected officials think this is a game, "Let's pass HB1189 and tell everyone that we finally passed a bill that will, maybe, reduce their tax."

This bill passes the house with no discussion or vetting to check the viability of this bill working. These guys want to wipe their hands on this issue and declare victory. However they don't give a darn about the 312,000 people who have lost their homes between 2007 and 2011 -- 16,349 in York County.

They tout all the bills they have passed while in office but fail to pass one that will help our young and old to afford or keep their home. Is it any wonder why the public has such a low esteem for them?


Springettsbury Township