Two thousand years ago, a baby was born and some total strangers did a pro-life celebration.

Herdsmen came in from their pasturages to look in awe and amazement. Music sounded in the sky. Kings came looking for a future king to bring him gifts of gold and fine perfumes. They had a nice celebration of the new life.

We need that sense of celebrating life again. Unfortunately what passes for a pro-life movement today has very little sense of celebration. It is more often an angry, bitter, strident noise of uber-righteousness and moral superiority, co-opted by opportunistic politicians and pulpit pounders, whose goal it is to stir up antagonism with anyone who doesn't vote their way or pray their way.

They are seldom "pro" anything and usually hateful and "anti"protesters. They chant piously at abortion sites, make indignant speeches in attempts to shame, stigmatize, accuse, blame, cajole, intimidate, condemn, pester and hound "baby killers" -- and then ignore the existence of live children, often in poverty or serious need, and the families who brought them into being and can't afford to properly provide for them.

No wonder that the pro-life movement is such a turn-off to so many and that it only serves to harden the resolve of people against them and their morality.

The shepherds had it right. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of babies born each year in York County alone. Where is the party? Where is the music? Where is the celebration of life -- by the community of strangers? Where is the awe and kindness for life?


If we want to convert people to cherish life, we need to turn off the anger and bile, and compliment the mothers and fathers of those babies -- every day of the year. We need wise people bearing life-sustaining gifts, not stone-throwers. We should have a Christmas-like party for each newborn. That would be truly pro-life.


Springettsbury Twp.