As a student athlete in college, I can definitely see the pros of "Pay for Play," pay for play being that every student athlete gets paid a salary on top of the athletic scholarship they are already receiving.

With the pros, come the cons.

Even in the opinion of someone who would be making a salary, I believe the cons of pay for play outweigh the pros by a long shot. Student athletes should not be making a salary on top of the scholarships they are already given.

Student athletes are rare and special people that put so much effort into everything they do, into their schooling and their sports. This should send a sense of pride through every last athlete's body, knowing they are representing themselves and their teams in the most positive light. This sense of pride should come with the attitude of "I don't need extra, I am an athlete, I can do the same and much more."

Knowing the hard work and dedication that these students go through sets a trigger off in some ignorant peoples minds. Pay the athlete for every game they play, give them a set salary when they commit, reward them with extra spending money. These are all opinions of supporters who believe that the average student athlete is not receiving enough benefits.

Let's take a deeper look into what collegiate athletes already receive just for having that title to their name. Free tuition, free clothing, free shoes, free television exposure, being able to play in top-notch athletic facilities, and the ability to work out and condition in grade-A, private, "athlete-only" gyms. All of these benefits are just handed to the average student athlete, not to mention those are not the only things athletes receive. Depending on the level and sport, athletes may be granted much more.


Yet, some people still want to pay these students.

Most supporters of pay for play propose that student athletes need to be paid because there is no way they could get a job to make a couple extra bucks for spending on the side. However, the average student athlete gets an athletic scholarship, taking a huge chunk off of the amount of tuition they owe. All of the money being taken off has to go somewhere, which is most likely in the pockets of the players.

Another serious issue is a lack of attention and focus. Let's be real, athletes who are getting paid are going to focus on how much money they are making and how much more they can make. No teenager would pick studying to get an A in a class over getting paid to do something they love. That would be foolish. If student athletes would be getting paid to perform they would do everything in their power to focus on getting better and being paid more. This would shift focus to all sport and no school, taking away from the purpose of college, to learn and prepare for the rest of one's life.

In the end, the decision of pay for play is up to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. However, everyone can play a big role keeping others up to date with the facts. Be sure to enlighten everyone with the facts of the damage pay for play can do to the athletes' academic focus. Keep them informed about the benefits they are already receiving. We do not want our student athletes to be more spoiled then they already are.

Best of all, keep a strong hold on your belief that student athletes should not receive a salary on top of the scholarship they are already given.