Knows what he's doing

I've seen Ron Miller from a unique perspective: I worked for him for almost three years.

Ron always spent the time to dig out the facts and figures behind the issues. Anybody can spend his time composing sound bites for the media. Ron was more interested in the details. Concerning property tax reform, he knew more about the finances of the different school districts in this state than most of the legislators from those districts knew.

Ron can work with other lawmakers from other parts of the state to get things done. We Yorkers often think people across this state should all see things the same way we do. Whether they should or not, the reality is that folks in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and lots of places in between don't see things the way we do. To get things done, you must work with all of them and find what they can all support. Maybe that's less than we'd like, but it's a lot more than we'd have if we elected somebody who uses a 'my way or the highway' approach.

Ron Miller takes the time to know what he's doing, and get it right. He has my vote.