Special election

No run around from Miller

In my years growing up in rural York County, I have learned to serve God, family and community as most residents of York County can relate. During my involvement with the public, no gentleman represents servitude better than Ron Miller. Ron is an outstanding listener and remarkable statesman for York.

Some people say Ron is out of touch with constituents or that he has not accomplished anything during his career in public service; these statements couldn't be farther from the truth. I contacted the York House delegation to oppose 2010's House Bill 2431, which if passed would consolidate municipal governments into a regional/county government. The first response I received was from Ron's office, and I was shocked not to receive the run-around, "thank you for your concern, we will look into it" answer; instead Ron was opposed to the measure, because a government closest to its citizens is the best form of governance.

This is how you know if a candidate is conservative and in touch with the people. Ron has never shied away from making the hard decisions and has a plan to serve the residents of York County with due diligence. Please vote for Ron on March 18.


Hellam Twp.