We must have a government-mandated higher minimum wage. But never mind that increased wage expenses are passed on to the consumer, resulting in higher costs for products. What we gain is a devalued dollar – which can be charted with every minimum wage increase.

Unions are terrified that automatic deduction of dues may be lost. What will happen if union members actually pay dues by check? Members might now realize how much of their wages are shared with the union.

Might the union members finally understand that the goal is not just collective bargaining, but that the increase in the union treasury supports legislation with which the individual members may or may not agree?

Ever notice folks getting rich warning others about global warming?

How does sending money to Washington result in climate change?

Along that line did you ever notice that Congress can solve any and every problem if we would only send them more money? Every political letter or phone call seems to request more money. Most candidates seemed to be judged by how much money they can gather rather than on experience, knowledge, wisdom or moral character.

Income tax time is upon us. Do you wonder how well the government distributed the money you sent them last year?

I read somewhere that the love of money is a root of all evil. Looking at our culture's values, I agree.


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