An open letter to the Republican Party:

What have we learned? Apparently the Republican Party is not learning from their past mistakes. They forced on the electorate Lynne Swann and Tom Corbett for governors. They did this by giving them the party's endorsement and not allowing an open primary.

I believe they felt the party could exert control over these individuals. Twice you chose these two over Sam Rohrer. Sam was an individual thinker and he would not have been a Republican lackey. What a difference Sam would have made in this state. Another opportunity lost.

We have asked for open primaries with no party endorsement. The party continues to shove down the public's throat their political selections. Well how is that working out for you? Hurray for Scott Wagner. He defied the party and pulled through an overwhelming write-in victory in the 28th District. Hallelujah.

When will the party learn that the public knows best? Corbett will not win a second term. Your selections do not work.


York Twp.