Once again state Rep. Seth Grove is trying his best to convince us that his House Bill 1189 is the only answer to the reduction — not elimination — of our school tax.

His latest article in this paper cites the support of The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials. Who are these people? Well, it consists of 3,000 members who are devoted to providing members with education, training, professional development, etc. In other words, they sell their services to school teachers, administrators and others.

I hardly think this association is qualified to represent the property owners of this state. They support a bill that will allow local school boards to continue their practice of raising taxes, and not just property taxes, but earned income taxes, mercantile taxes and business privilege taxes.

Rep. Grove's optional property tax reduction bill does not eliminate any tax whatsoever. The real answer to this issue is House Bill/Senate Bill 76. This bill does it all, and each of us must let our legislator and senator know to approve this bill now. This may be our last chance.


Springettsbury Twp.