While browsing the York City School District's website, I came across the Beliefs section – What About The Future of Our District? It states,"We Believe in Our Ability as a District to Solve Our Own Problems with Local Solutions."

Local solutions? New Hope is that local solution.

I was a student who attended the York City School District. I managed to achieve academically with high honors. However, during that same time period, I was suspended, placed in alternative education and sold marijuana. All at the age of 13.

I transferred to New Hope Academy at 14. I struggled at first — struggled because they would not let me get away with the bare minimum, unlike your school district. You see, at New Hope I learned more than just academics. I learned life-long skills. I learned that life isn't easy, there are consequences for my actions. I can't miss school and still expect to maintain good grades.

Without New Hope I would probably be on the corner selling drugs in the City of York, just like many students who have "achieved" athletically and academically at your institution.

I graduated from New Hope ranked seventh in my class and was accepted to over 16 universities across the country. The same kid who attended Duke Street Alternative School would not have accomplished that.

I am currently a sophomore at McDaniel College, where I am a member of a fraternity and the men's basketball team.

Many people tell me I have achieved a lot, but this is just the beginning. New Hope saved my life, and if allowed to remain open it will continue to save lives.


New Hope has not only helped me reach my goals, but yours too, according to your mission statement. New Hope is the local solution. Now let's achieve our goal — save New Hope.