Scott Wagner's demeanor, as recorded by the TV cameras on election night after his write-in win, was refreshing. And not just because he is a newcomer to elective office.

What we saw was a solid, determined, self-confident individual, voicing a conviction of the rightness of his quest that had been bore out by the voters. He was genuine, devoid of any fawning over those who have favored him, displays of false modesty, or often-heard, hollow declarations of a desire to "serve the public" by those whose careers in feeding at the public trough had served themselves handsomely.

There was no hint of the arrogance that often diminishes the otherwise great.

Reflections of the sound values of his upbringing and a self-assurance flowing from a hard-earned success in business were evident.

And, he was right that the candidacy of Ron Miller (who is a very decent man) was fatally polluted by the Republican party politicos' reprehensible waste of taxpayer dollars on an unnecessary election that can only be fairly seen as one step in an effort to rig the process of selecting Mike Waugh's successor.

It is reassuring that, for once, sufficient numbers recognized and rebuffed a breach of the public's faith.

But Scottie recognized that his success was due in part to the weakness of a wounded opponent. This suggests that he should consider broadening his positions so as to appeal to those in the center who hold a moderate point of view if he is to be able to fulfill the promise that his talents and other resources foretell.