The school property tax problem will only be solved by complete elimination of that tax: House Bill/Senate Bill 76.

Seth Grove's good intention to reduce taxes will not solve the problem. His proposal to put the program in the hands of school board members is like putting the fox in the hen house. Not a very good idea.

These are some of the same people who created the financial problems. Poorly thought out expenditures on non-educational projects such as artificial turf, elaborate swimming pools and shiny, white-walled weight-lifting rooms helped to increase school property taxes to unreasonable levels.

Please, don't hand me that bit about it being part of education. It is not. Join a gym on your own dime. When they cry "but it's for the children" we are supposed to empty our pockets. News Flash: They emptied our pockets a long time ago and reduced our quality of life.

Now there is a proposal to freeze school property taxes for people over 65. Here's a similar scenario: You are suffering with terrible pain. The doctor says he will see to it that your pain does not get any worse but he will not give you anything to alleviate your suffering, so you continue being in terrible pain. That doesn't sound so good, does it?


The school property tax can be completely eliminated. The money made available to home owners will enable them to purchase necessities and improve their quality of life. It would give a great continuing boost to the state economy.

Several costly state bureaucracies could be done away with. The legislators can make the figures add up.

Don't be fooled by excuses to the contrary. This extortion must end.


Conewago Twp.