State. Sen. Mike Waugh announced he would not run for re-election to the Pennsylvania Senate. He then announced that he would resign his Senate seat and the following day was appointed CEO to the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Just a coincidence.

Then the following day a special election was scheduled for March 18 that would cost the taxpayers about $220,000. Just a coincidence.

Then Ron Miller announces his candidacy for the vacated Senate seat. Probably just another coincidence.

Then the Senate leadership announces a $100,000 campaign donation to Ron Miller. Maybe just another coincidence.

And then Kristin Phillips-Hill resigns her position from Ron Miller's staff after four years and announces her candidacy for the House of Representatives seat being vacated by Ron Miller. Another coincidence.

Then Ron Miller announces his endorsement and support for Kristin Phillips-Hill for the House of Representatives for the 93rd District. Another coincidence.

Maybe that's not so coincidental after all.

It is time to break the cycle of corruption in Harrisburg.

Vote for Ernie Merisotis for House of Representatives on Tuesday, May 20.


Springfield Twp.