Do you think just because you are women you don't deserve the same pay as a man for the same job?

For a man earning $10, a woman makes $7.70. In one 40-hour work week, her pay is missing $92, which comes to $368 a month and $4,416 a year.

That is a lot to lose just because you are a women.

Furthermore, if you are an African-American woman, the pay 64 cents and Latinas 54 cents to the man's $1 per hour.

The Paycheck Fairness Act would level the playing field.

Think about how much money you are losing (23 cents per hour doesn't sound like, much but over the long haul it is substantial), about the effect that hourly difference makes in your life and that of your families:

•It destroys your self-esteem.

•Your children suffer.

•Less pay means less of everything (food, clothing, housing, education).

•Less Social Security when it is time to retire.

•Less pension for retirement.

•Working more hours to accommodate your needs.

•More time away from your family.

•Less health care benefits.

Think about how much money you are losing. This loss is not just today, it impacts your lifetime.

Ladies, did you know Sen. Pat Toomey has not supported this Paycheck Fairness Act? You need to address the issue with Sen. Toomey. Let him know with no uncertainty that you need this legislation. He needs to support it.


If not, then be sure you are registered to vote and do not be miss voting. If he can't support us, why should we support him?