Thumbs up: You're already beautiful.

That's the message a group of Central York High School students is spreading to their classmates.

Junior Caitlin Leppo-Reed said too many young people feel pressured to be beautiful and some actually starve themselves to be thin.

So she and 26 other students started the Perfectly Imperfect Project, an organization dedicated to promoting the importance of inner beauty.

"It really hit me when my 5-year-old sister started putting on makeup and said it would make her look even prettier," Leppo-Reed said. "She was just playing, but it really bugged me. She's already pretty."

So far, the group has designated no-makeup days when students are encouraged to take selfies of their plain, beautiful faces. It also has created walls of Post-it notes where students shared a few words about what was making them happy, and it held assemblies to encourage the audience toward a healthy body image and overall wellness.

Leppo-Reed said she hopes more students get the message.

"I think it's necessary at every high school for people to know they are perfect just the way they are," she said.

Thumbs up: Yeah, we think they might be on to something

The organizers of York's second Foodstruck expected around 5,000 people to come out and sample the menus offered by 27 food trucks from around Pennsylvania.


Despite a steady rain, the April 11 event attracted 8,500 visitors, they said.

Who knows? Maybe rain is a key ingredient to what's turning out to be wildly popular gathering.

About 1,700 people attended the first Foodstruck, which was held in the city on Oct. 11, the second day of a storm that dumped about 9 inches of rain in York County.

For that one, the organizers had anticipated 500 visitors.

Given Foodstruck's success, look for a third helping in the near future.