York Dispatch reporter Erin James should be commended for her work in hitting home the point that some parents choose public charter schools simply as matter of safety (April 11, 2014, "New Hope mom: No 'war zone' for my kids").

The article highlighted options families may pursue in the event New Hope Academy Charter School is forced to close. A number of public cyber charter schools were named among those options.

However, it is crucial parents research each cyber charter opportunity before beginning the enrollment process. Important considerations include each school's test scores, the percentage of graduates accepted in institutions of higher learning, resources allocated toward family support and parental involvement and development opportunities, curriculum quality and the percentage of highly qualified and advanced degreed teachers.

Families who choose charter schools typically do so with careful consideration, as they are seeking a public education option they feel is best for their children. The same thoughtfulness and due diligence should be committed when choosing between cyber charter schools.



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