Now the voter ID law has been struck down — again.

Why does the doctor need to know who I am? Why does the bank need to know who I am? Why do police need to know who I am? Why do I need ID at all? After all, I am honest and every one should believe me when I say who I am. I would never think of going to the doctor as someone else to get drugs, or to the bank to withdraw your money, or give a fake ID to the police to avoid prosecution, apply for a job using someone's name to avoid paying taxes.

Why would I need ID to vote?

According to the news media, there have been no cases of proven voter ID. Why did a precinct in Philadelphia report over 100 percent had voted? Why did a district report all votes for one candidate and none for the other? It is for the same reason there are speeders on our highway, but I cannot prove it because they aren't stopped, ticketed or fined.

"We don't need ID. It is to hard and costly to get." It has been over two years now, and voter IDs have been offered free at Pennsylvania Department of Transportation centers.

The only reason I can understand for not using ID when voting is to run a corrupt election. The only reason to not use ID at all is to lie cheat and steal.

There was a time when your word was your bond. But that, as with so much, has passed.

An ID is no different than a log-in and password. Both can be stolen and wrongly used, but requiring voters to show ID is a step in eliminating stolen elections and running fair elections.

If I don't need ID to vote, then I don't need ID anywhere. Don't ask me for it. It could be your ID I am using.



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