Two of York County's state House seats are wide open this election season, including the 93rd, which is being vacated by Ron Miller.

Since no Democrats will be on Tuesday's primary ballot, the top Republican vote-getter will take the seat in the House next year — barring, of course, successful write-in campaigns in November.

With that in mind, we suggest GOP voters choose Kristin Phillips-Hill.

The Dallastown Area school board member is a good fit for the conservative district, campaigning as a reformer who will fight to create jobs, control spending and root out government waste — all while remembering "it's about people not politics."

So while she supports House Bill 76 and its Senate twin as "mechanisms" for school property tax reform, she also recognizes what the legislation's most shrill champions choose to ignore.

The bills come up short — $2.6 billion short by 2018-19.

The hard-core 76ers can dance around it all they like, but that is the finding of the Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office.

No one is happy with high property taxes, but these bills, as they stand now, are not the answer. They would excuse businesses from funding schools, increase taxes for residents — and still destroy public education in the commonwealth.

Phillips-Hill, a mother of three, says she would work to fix the legislation so our children's schools are adequately funded.


Her tea party opponent, Ernie Merisotis, "fully support(s) the passage of HB 76 now."

Phillips-Hill also says she would be open to considering a severance tax on Marcellus Shale drillers, similar to what they already pay in every other gas-producing state.

She would be cautious, however, saying any new levy would also need to address "the complete tax burden, including the high corporate tax rate, on Pennsylvania drillers to ensure they remain a viable part of Pennsylvania's economy."

Her opponent feels natural gas companies already pay their "fair share."

Both candidates are conservative.

One is also realistic.

Vote for Kristin Phillips-Hill.