Farm Bureau distortions

The EPA's proposed rule to protect our local waterways has been subjected to various myths and misconceptions. The recent piece by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, "EPA proposal hurts Pa. farmers", is no exception.

Clean water is critical — not just for healthier farms and food, but also for the protection of our communities and public health. Right now, 8 million Pennsylvanians get their water from unprotected sources. And, half of Pennsylvania's rivers and streams are considered too polluted for activities such as swimming and fishing.

This is unacceptable.

The EPA's proposal would protect local waterways, like the Wissahickon, and they would ensure that the public can rely on these places for drinking water and recreation.

To clarify, despite the Farm Bureau's rhetoric, the rule does not expand federal regulation of water, nor does it regulate ditches. All of us depend on water. We cannot allow misinformation to determine how clean such an essential resource is. Support the EPA's rule to keep our water safe — for our health and for the well-being of future generations.