Senate Bill 76 (The Property Tax Elimination Act) is languishing in the Senate Finance Committee. There is not enough public support that would pressure our legislators on the committee to send it to the Senate floor for a yes or no vote.

This may be our last opportunity to get this important piece of legislation passed. If you are fed up, like I am, with your property taxes going up every year, you will demonstrate to our local legislators that you want HB/SB 76 passed this session.

This tax will continue to rise every year until the day you die. Think about that. The home that you worked and struggled to maintain all your life can be taken from you because you may not be able to pay this regressive tax.

Sen. Mike Follmer and Sen. Scott Wagner are strong advocates of HB/SB 76. Our other local legislators, with the exception of Keith Gillespie, have endorsed this bill with timidity. They give it lip service to get re-elected. They tell you how much they want to get rid of the property tax, but they are not out there in front of the issue. And don't let them tell you that House Bill 1189 is a better bill.

If you are pleased with your property taxes going up every year, don't do anything. If you are outraged, like I am, take action. Call, write, e-mail and voice your endorsement of HB/SB76. We need to get vocal, because the outcome of property tax elimination will be determined by the public, and the success of passage will be decided by positive public pressure. We need all property owners to get involved in this process.



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