Right now the federal government is sending people to states across America, including Pennsylvania — people who have broken the law and come to America illegally. Please do not allow the housing of these people in Pennsylvania.

Some politicians are looking to give amnesty to the illegal immigrants coming into our country or here already and afford them a pathway to citizenship and instant access to the benefits and entitlements thereof. The politicians then turn around and threaten to cut off Social Security benefits to American citizens who worked all their lives and paid into the system, citing a lack of money to back the system.

Today, most illegal immigrants don't want the American dream, they want the American benefits. They come here illegally, without background checks (a term liberals love), they don't try to learn our language. They demand us to implement their language so they can understand. Bilingual signs ... just about everything is bilingual.

I'm tired of it. Do not allow these people housing in Pennsylvania.

These people, just by being here illegally, have already demonstrated they have no respect for our laws and do not deserve to be here. As I see it, the politicians pushing to legalize these people are just plain buying votes.

Immigration solution:

Secure our borders.

Deport those who have broken our existing laws and are here illegally.


Welcome any who are willing to come here though the proper means.