Impeachment, shutdown and other talk of the August recess

In this photo taken Aug. 5, 2013 Rep. Patrick McHenry speaks to a full house during a town hall meeting in Lincolnton, N.C. McHenry's loudest constituents have no desire to see conciliation on gridlocked Capitol Hill, unless it comes from President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Scenes from town hall meetings

The August break for Congress has been most notable for what hasn't happened.In 2009, angry protests almost derailed the health care overhaul, but this year's town-hall meetings have not been dominated by a single issue.In fact, neither opponents nor supporters of the immigration overhaul pending in the House have shown up en masse, though both sides are organizing other events this August.Here's a look at a few things that have happened at town-hall meetings this August.Boos for a 'no' on …

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