York County is getting some added help in getting electric power restored.

Numerous out-of-state employees of FirstEngery, parent company of Met-Ed, are in the county helping local crews restore and more workers are on their way, a company spokesman said.

All told, 630 line workers have been called in, said spokesman Chris Eck. The number of workers will more than double by Thursday, bringing the number of employees up to 1,300, he said.

"They'll be working around the clock, 18-hour shifts," Eck said.

The workers are using the York Expo Center in West Manchester Township as a staging ground.

Gearing up: On Wednesday night, crews were working to set up the area in preparation for the influx of workers.

With the help of a forklift, a group of men in dayglow vests unloaded transformers from a flatbed tractor-trailer near other supplies, such as spools of wire.

Once the area is completely set up, a work truck will be able to pull in, discard damaged equipment and load up with more supplies before heading back on the road. A nearby fuel tanker will also allow the workers to fuel up the trucks.

Some of the power company's trucks parked in the massive parking lot bore license plates of Ohio and Missouri.

A catering company was also called in to provide food for the workers, Eck said.

Though the storm has passed, Eck said work for the power company is just getting under way.


As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, 45,285 Met-Ed customers in the county remained without power. That's down from 62,000 that had been without power.

"We're not sure how long it'll take" to fully restore power, Eck said. "We're looking at several days."

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