A standing-room-only crowd packed into the York Township Building Tuesday for deliberations on residents’ concerns with the removal of a traffic
A standing-room-only crowd packed into the York Township Building Tuesday for deliberations on residents' concerns with the removal of a traffic light at Chambers Road and Route 124. (Greg Gross photo)

After hearing from a number of residents, state and local officials in York Township said during a meeting Tuesday that they'll work to have a traffic light installed on Route 124 to replace one that was removed earlier this year.

"If this board could put that light up tomorrow, that light would be up tomorrow," Robert Steele, president of the board of commissioners, told the residents who filled the meeting room of the township building.

But installing a signal to replace the one removed at the intersection of Chambers Road and Route 124, the road known locally as Mount Rose Avenue and East Prospect Road, isn't that easy.

It's a difficult process, said state Rep Ron Miller, R-Jacobus, whose district covers part of the township, including the area where the residents live.

"We just need to keep talking to see if we can find a resolution to this," he said.

Rep. Stan Saylor, R-Windsor Township, who also attended the meeting, said he'll aid Miller in efforts to have the state Department of Transportation address the residents' concerns.

At issue: Some residents raised concerns about not being able to easily leave their developments, decreasing property values and safety after the signal was removed in January.

That makes having people to Jeff Cooper's house on Solarlight Drive difficult, he said.

"We have to give them directions to our house and from our house," Cooper told the commissioners.


Jay Cohen, who has lived on Starlight Drive since 1980, created a website that details why he believes the signal was essential, and why the township needs to consider funding a signal at another location.

During the meeting, he gave commissioners a petition with more than 780 signatures and 23 pages of comments from residents in support of having a signal installed.

"We don't want a light, we don't desire a light. We need a light," he told commissioners.

The once-signalized Chambers Road intersection was used by residents of the Starview Heights development to make left turns onto Route 124 toward points to the west, including York City and Interstate 83.

There are three other ways of leaving the development, but all are at stop signs while facing streams of traffic, especially during rush hours.

Removal: The signal at Chambers Road was removed to allow for Route 124 to be widened, which is an ongoing project.

The removal was also done to increase safety on Route 124, where Chambers Road is less than half a mile from another signalized intersection at Route 24.

In fact, Saylor said PennDOT officials warned York Township officials about the close proximity of the two intersections before the township installed the signal at Chambers Road in 2002.

Possible new light: A new signal could be installed at Plymouth Road and Route 124, Greg Penny, PennDOT spokesman, said in a phone interview before the meeting.

The state will be putting in conduits that would support a signal, but funding for any future light installation would have to be covered by either the state or Springettsbury Township, where the intersection is located.

A light at Chambers Road will not be reinstalled, Penny said.

In order for Chambers Road to connect to a potentially signalized Plymouth Road intersection, which also serves as an entrance to Heritage Hills Golf Resort, a connector road would have to be built.

Without the connector road, it makes little sense to put a signal at the intersection, Cohen said after the meeting.

"If you want to play golf, you can get there. If you live here you can't get home," he said.

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