Ted Kogut of Shillington, Berks County, catches a catfish before releasing it while angling Monday at the Wrightville access area on the Susquehanna River.
Ted Kogut of Shillington, Berks County, catches a catfish before releasing it while angling Monday at the Wrightville access area on the Susquehanna River. (Bill Kalina — bkalina@yorkdispatch.com)

The owner of Green Valley Swimming Pool is hearing similar things as members walk through the gates this week.

"They're all saying summer is finally here," said Russ Jacobs, owner of the pool at 1725 Poplars Road in West Manchester Township.

Coming off a lousy week in which it rained nearly every day, he and other seasonal business owners are looking forward to a heat wave.

"The sun affects the swimming. The sun's what brings people out," he said.

Meteorologists are calling for high humidity and temperatures in the 90s this week.

Monday's high was 89, and Tuesday and Wednesday will reach the low 90s, said Tom Kines, meteorologist with AccuWeather.

"We've got some very warm weather and rather humid air coming. It's starting to feel like summer," he said.

The high humidity will make it feel 5 to 10 degrees warmer, Kines said.

"For people complaining, just remember February and March when we were begging for warmer air," he said.

Thursday will cool off to the high 80s, "if you call that cooling off," Kines said.

'Finally': That's good news for people who are trying to keep their pools warm, said Marguerite Turner, owner of Pine Ridge Swim & Tennis Club at 2454 Pleasant View Drive in Springettsbury Township.

"We're finally getting into some good pool weather. It's been lousy to this point," she said.


Until this week, the days have struggled to get out of the 70s or escape rain.

Turner didn't open her pool for two days last week because of heavy rain, and only three people showed up on one of the days she did open.

"I'm hoping things turn around this week. Hopefully the thunderstorms don't wreck it," she said.

Storms: There's a chance of thunderstorms every day this week, said John LaCorte, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

If they happen, they will likely hit in the afternoon or evening and aren't expected to last long.

"It's what you hear about in Florida all the time," he said.

Wednesday has the best chance for a thunderstorm, meteorologists said.

"We could really get some strong storms that day as a cold front from the north approaches the high humidity," Kines said.

The weekend will drop back to the low 80s, but it will be sunny and clear, according to the National Weather Service and AccuWeather forecasts.

Sun: As long as it's sunny, Jimmy Mack will be happy.

"The rain kills us. But if it's sunny, people will come out for ice cream and mini golf," said the owner of Jim Mack's Ice Cream at 5745 Lincoln Highway in Hellam Township.

Sales were low every day last week at the business.

"When there's bad weather, we have bad business. With all that rain last week, it was bad. We had to close up the miniature golf last week because nobody can golf in the rain," Mack said.

But plenty of people hit the course on Monday, he said.

"I'm hoping this is a turning point. We had one of the worst winters in 20 years and a very wet spring. I'm hoping this hot week means the rest of summer will be nice," Mack said.

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