July 11 update:

York City's animal enforcement officer has filed six summary citations against Melanie H. Robinson, who owns the three pit bulls police said attacked Robinson's neighbor, Bonnie Cole, on July 4.

Robinson, of the 400 block of Lincoln Street, faces three citations for allegedly having dangerous dogs and one citation each for letting her dogs run at large, failing to have the dogs vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian and not having the dogs licensed.

Robinson said she bought rabies and other vaccinations for her dogs from a local company and administered them herself, but has now learned state law requires they be administered by a licensed professional.

She said she feels horrible for Cole, her neighbor.

The dogs remain under a 10-day mandatory quarantine, according to York City Police.

After the quarantine ends, city officials will be working with Robinson to determine the fate of the dogs, police said.

Reported earlier:

A retired York City teacher suffered numerous bites and other wounds when she was attacked by her neighbor's three pit bulls on Friday.

"I'm pretty badly injured," Bonnie Cole confirmed from her hospital bed. "They bit all four limbs, they tore a tendon out of my right arm."

Cole said she suffered bites on her back, calves, thighs and both arms, and said the dogs basically shredded her skin on her arms from shoulders to wrists.

"It was pretty bad," she said of the attack.


Cole, 62, taught math and English to seventh- and eighth-grade special-education students before retiring in August, she said.

She was in satisfactory condition Monday at York Hospital, where she was taken by ambulance after the attack.

On Monday afternoon, she said she was being moved from the hospital to a local rehabilitation center, where she expected to spend a week or two.

The attack: York City Police said Cole was mowing her lawn in the 400 block of Lincoln Street on the Fourth of July about 11:15 a.m. when she was attacked.

Her neighbor's three pit bulls were somehow able to get past the 6-foot-tall fence that held them, according to Capt. Tim Utley. One dog is a 3-year-old male, another is a younger male and the third is a female with five puppies, he said.

The dogs' owner allowed police into her home to see the dogs, and the officer saw the younger male had blood on its face and feet, while the older male had a trace of blood on its face, Utley said.

The owner reported she had put the dogs in her back yard about five minutes prior to the attack. She said she's never had problems with the dogs before, police said.

Probe ongoing: Utley declined to release the woman's name because the attack remains under investigation by Mark McCartney, the city's animal enforcement officer. It is unclear whether citations will be filed against her.

Witnesses to the attack told officers all three dogs attacked Cole, but that the younger male was the most aggressive, the captain said.

The owner told officers she intended to euthanize her dogs, but was told to keep her dogs in quarantine for now, police said.

"I don't even know if they've been immunized," Cole said.

Gate torn down: Cole said she isn't afraid of big dogs, and when she saw one of the males tear down its gate, "I thought he was just going to run (off)."

The dogs had never been aggressive toward her before, she said.

Cole said because of that she didn't run, but she did alert her grandchildren.

"I yelled for my grandkids to go inside the house," she said. "Then I was screaming for the neighbors to get the dogs."

One of the dogs grabbed Cole's arm and held on while the other two bit other parts of her body, she said.

McCartney did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

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