State and local inspectors visit food-serving establishments once per year to ensure places that serve food are following safety guidelines, such as storing food at the proper temperature and keeping food preparation areas clean. The inspector has discretion to determine the severity of situations and decides whether an establishment is classified as compliant or non-compliant and whether to close the operation.

Repeat violations or serious violations often result in a non-compliant status. Non-compliant establishments are inspected more than once per year, with inspectors scheduling follow-up visits at their discretion.

Facilities can be closed for eminent health hazards when they pose a serious threat to the community, such as an infestation, lack of water, or gross unsanitary conditions.

Out of compliance: The following establishments were inspected between Feb. 28 and March 7 and were listed as out of compliance.

Prince Athletic Association, 600 S. Richland Ave., York

Action: Issued two violations, one for lacking a three-compartment sink for manual warewashing, and a second because an employee did not use sanitizer test strips to determine sanitizer concentration.

Comment: Manager Dave Coverstone said he objects to the violation for the three-compartment sink because, though it's mandated in the code, the restaurant was inspected twice in years past and never cited.

"We didn't even know it was an issue," he said. "You can't comply with something you know nothing about.



He's arranging to buy a sink, he said.

He said the establishment is clean, and the test strips are available but the cook didn't see them on the day of the inspection.

In compliance: The following restaurants and establishments were inspected between Feb. 7 and Feb. 28 and were listed in compliance. Any minor violations are expected to be corrected by the date of the next inspection, which varies by site.

Bill Bateman's Bistro, 1418 Baltimore St., Hanover

Ginza Japanese Restaurant, 616 Shrewsbury Commons, Shrewsbury

Grand View Bakery, 170 Sinclair Road, Delta

Larry J. Macaluso Elementary School, 1195 Windsor Road, Red Lion

Mazie Gable Elementary School, 100 E. Prospect St., Red Lion

North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary School, 12165 Winterstown Road, Red Lion

Pierceville Station LLC, 3805 Sticks Road, Glen Rock

Red Lion Area Junior High School, 200 Country Club Road, Red Lion

Red Lion Area Senior High School, 200 Horace Mann Ave., Red Lion

Rutters Farm Store No. 30, 2 Broad St., New Freedom

Southern Branch YMCA, 100 Constitution Ave., Shrewsbury

Tom's Convenience Store No. 32, 502 N. Main St., Spring Grove

Wolfgang Candy DE, 50 E. 4th Ave., York

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ABS Petroleum Inc., 890 Loucks Road. Score: 97

Central Family Restaurant, 400 N. George St. Score: 100

Manor Baptist, 806 W. Princess St. Score: 94

Tropical Grocery & Deli, 201 S. Queen St. Score: 92

Turkey Hill Store No. 28, 742 Roosevelt Ave. Score: 99

Turkey Hill Store No. 55, 209 Carlisle Ave. Score: 100

Turkey Hill Store No. 72, 189 Richland Ave. Score: 97

Turkey Hill Store No. 130, 590 W. Market St. Score: 100

Turkey Hill Store No. 272, 1242 E. Market St. Score: 91