Penn Township residents will get another incremental tax hike from their municipality in 2013.

The Penn Township board of supervisors voted Monday on next year's Budget, which will raise the property tax rate from 3.35 mills to 3.5 mills, according to township manager Jeff Garvick.

That would equal a $22.50 tax hike for the owner of a home assessed at $150,000.

Garvick said the hike is the result of year-to-year budget deficits, as the township was about $167,000 short on revenue for the coming year.

Penn Township officials prefer incremental increases, Garvick said, rather than the route other municipalities take by waiting several years and then passing along a major tax hike.

No other fees are going up, he added.

Penn Township does have a piece of a major project next year as part of the ongoing Hanover Trolley Trail extension from Hanover Borough to Heidelberg Township.

Penn Township is kicking in manpower and equipment, Garvick said, after it secured a $99,000 grant to help fund the project.

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