Despite warmer conditions over the weekend, the local dirt-track racing circuit still hasn't seen its first race of the 2014 season.

The warmer weather came a bit too late for the local speedways.

Hagerstown pulled the plug on its show earlier in the week, but Lincoln Speedway held out until Friday before postponing the Icebreaker 30 yet again.

The folks at Lincoln went as far as removing the snow from the grandstands and racing surface, but discovered that the frost level in the ground was still too deep, and there was no way to prepare the racing surface.

So, it's on to this weekend.

Port Royal has already postponed this coming Saturday's opening-night program, but Lincoln is on, as of now, for a fourth attempt at the Icebreaker 30 for the sprint cars.

Hagerstown is also scheduled to race on Saturday with a program of late models, late-model sportsmen, pure stocks, hobby stocks and mini-stocks.

Selinsgrove is also scheduled to open this weekend with the Race of Champion modifieds in town. The schedule calls for the 358 modifieds to compete on Friday evening and the big-block modifieds and sportsman modifieds to race Saturday.

Since conditions are predicted to be warmer during the upcoming week, this looks like the first real chance to see racing in the area this year.

Time will tell.


Eastern Museum of Motor Racing: Last Friday, retired late-model car owner and mechanic Barry Klinedinst contacted me about an upcoming event at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing.


Klinedinst and a host of other late-model luminaries will play host a roundtable-type gathering at the museum this Sunday afternoon to relive the beginnings of local late-model racing.

Klinedinst was there almost from the beginning, and his cars and drivers have been some of the most successful of all time in the area.

It should be a great gathering.

Leading sprint winners Over the years I have tried to keep our readers updated on the top winners from the area.

I've often listed the top winners from local racing history. One thing I don't think I've ever done was look at the top active winners in the area.

Since the local season still hasn't started, I went back through my records to see just who the top 10 active sprint-car drivers are on the local circuit. I also checked to see just how far down the all-time list I had to go to get the top 10. Since several of the area's top racers retired at the end of last season, things have really changed in that respect.

The leading active winner on the local sprint-car circuit is Lance Dewease. With the top two drivers, Fred Rahmer and Keith Kauffman, retiring at the end of last season, Dewease stands at the top of the list of active drivers, and is third all-time. By my records, Dewease has 296 sprint-car wins. The milestone 300 mark is certainly in sight, and Kauffman's second-place mark of 304 is also in jeopardy.

Stevie Smith ranks eighth all-time on the local list with 201 wins, which makes him second among active drivers.

Third on the active list is Donnie Kreitz Jr. with 196 wins, which is tied for ninth all-time.

Thomasville's Greg Hodnett stands fourth among active drivers and 11th all-time on the local list. The 186 Hodnett wins is not complete since he won a number of 360 sprint-car races in the area around his native Memphis, Tenn., before he appeared on my radar.

The drop to fifth place among active drivers is a large one on the all-time list. Brian Montieth is fifth on the active list, but only 36th on the all-time list at 58 wins.

Mark Smith is next on the active list with 57 sprint-car wins. That places him 37th all-time. His total includes the 360 sprints, but not the nine wins in the 358s.

Doug Esh falls seventh among active drivers with 51 wins. That is 41st all time. Again this doesn't include his 17 wins in the 358s.

Likewise is eighth-place Chad Layton. Layton is 56th all-time in sprint-car wins with 35 victories. He has also won 55 races in the 358s.

Ninth place on the list belongs to Phil Walter. Most of his sprint-car wins came at Clinton County, but his totals are good enough for 68th overall. Walter has 30 wins in the sprint cars and another eight in the 358 sprints.

Tenth place for active drivers is taken by Danny Dietrich. Dietrich has 27 wins, which is good enough for 73rd all-time. He has also won six 358 sprint races.

Since I included Walter, based mainly on his Clinton County wins, I'll list 11th-place Blane Heimbach as well. Heimbach won last year's Port Royal title, but still more than half of his 26 career sprint-car wins came at Clinton County. He is 77th on the all-time list. Heimbach also has 42 358 sprint wins.

The active sprint-car-drivers list includes only three from the top 10 all-time winners.

Other classes: How about some of the other local classes?

In the 358 sprints, four of the top-10 drivers all-time are still active in the class. That includes leader Pat Cannon, who has won 85 times in the 358 sprints. Others are Brad McClelland and Jeff Rohrbaugh, who are tied for fifth with 38 wins, and Dale Hammaker who is ninth with 28.

In the super-sportsman ranks there are just two active drivers in the top 10 all-time. Long-retired Gary Wolford is far ahead of second-place Rich Eichelberger. Wolford won 145 super-sportsman races, while Eichelberger, who is still active, is tied with retired Johnny Murphy for second with 83 wins.

The only other active driver in the top 10 is Frankie Herr, who is tied with Dwight Leib for sixth with 68 wins.

In the late-model ranks, there are three active drivers in the top 10, including all-time win leader Gary Stuhler with 342 wins. Sixth-place Scott Haus with 177 and seventh-place Rick Eckert with 174 are the other active drivers in the top 10.

-- Bryan Householder writes about dirt-track racing for The York Dispatch. He can be reached at