The grieving in Newtown, Conn., is only in the early stages.

But months or years from now, when parents and students still feel overwhelmed with grief thinking of the school shooting, a nonprofit from York hopes its supplies will help ease the pain.

Olivia's House, a decade-old grief and loss center for children in York City, was asked by school psychologists from Newtown to put together "bereavement tool kits" to help with long-term grief at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Olivia's House Founder Leslie Delp said a local network of professionals in the business connected Delp to Newtown Public Schools. The donated kits won't be put together for at least a month or two, as they are meant to help students and families cope down the road. There are already excellent resources available for the immediate pain and sorrow people are feeling there, Delp said, but sometimes in tragedies those resources fade away even as the need for emotional support remains.

"What I have always seen with communities that suffer a tragedy like this is, after a time, everybody leaves. The dust settles, and folks are left to take care of themselves," she said.

Olivia's House, which already has made Newtown aware it has a massive library of grieving resources available to borrow, will have kits full of activities, books, videos and more. Since the massacre affected young children, it could take some time before they fully confront their feelings about it, Delp said, and that's when the resources can help school psychologists.

The lending library and staff support are also available for York County parents needing assistance with questions by their children in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, Delp said. Information is available at

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