Tuesday night, the Red Lion Area High School Class of 2012 became the first class to walk over the new turf at Horn Field.

Senior Shawnee Koons said walking on the new turf field Tuesday for graduation marked a new beginning for the class of 2012 and the school.

"We (the class of 2012) walked on then off the field, just like we walked into the high school four years ago. We have left our imprint on Red Lion, just like the new turf field has left an imprint on sports here at Red Lion," said Koons.

Senior Shayla Marshall spoke about remembering things they've been told by individuals in their lives and about how to approach life with a positive attitude even when there are challenges to overcome.

"Always keep these three things in your daily routine: Have fun, hug your loved ones and always remember the advice from experts who already have been through this thing called life," said Marshall.

A grandmother's advice: Senior Sade Freeland spoke about how one true loss can affect someone's outlook on life. She and her family lost her grandmother in April of 2011 from pancreatic cancer. She remembers three things her grandmother told her before she died.

"Always shoot for the stars, forgive others that hurt you, and live a happy life," Freeland said.

Graduate Nicklas Kocman made the audience stand up and clap for the staff and then the students.


He used the acronym YOLO, which stands for "You only live once," as the theme of his speech. He told the class of his trials through high school and how he had open heart surgery his junior year to repair holes in his heart.

"You only live once, and with every trial in life, it's best to take the road less traveled on to gain life experiences," said Kocman.

Superintendent Scott Deisley used his favorite author, Dr. Seuss, to send a message to the graduates. The book he used was "On Beyond Zebra," which takes main character Conrad Cornellius O'Donald O'Dell through the world past the alphabet Z.

Deisley related this book to how the graduates have learned so much at Red Lion but still have a world to explore.

"Our goal as a district is to teach our students to reach their fullest potential inside and outside the classroom, but just like Conrad Cornellius O'Donald O'Dell, we are all lifelong learners and will never stop at Z," Deisley said.