The first cyber charter school based in York County could open in the fall of 2013.

The proposed Urban Cyber Charter School would be designed for students in grades 6 through 12 and focus on the specific needs of the urban students and those at risk of failing.

The new cyber school would also partner with YWCAs throughout Pennsylvania, Urban Cyber officials said.

These YWCA locations would serve as urban cyber cafes where students could work with teachers in a way they say is not available through tradition cyber schools, they said.

The application for the school must be submitted to the state by Monday, said Denise Stouffer, assistant managing officer of 3Cord Inc.

The founders of Urban Cyber are working with 3Cord Inc., an educational management organization based in York that already manages New Hope Academy School.

Since enrollment is open to students across the state, it must be approved by the state rather than just a local school district, Stouffer said.

A traditional school might not align with a student's needs if he or she is training for the Olympics or battling a long term illness, or in any number of unique situations, and Urban Cyber provides an alternative, she added.

Urban Cyber contacted the York YWCA when they heard that former NFL player Ron Johnson was working with the YWCA as a consultant, said Deb Stock, YWCA chief executive officer.

Officials at 3Cord Inc.


were looking for someone to contribute to the new health and fitness pieces being added to their program, and a partnership with the YWCA and Johnson seemed like a great fit, Stock said.

Urban Cyber could work very well for some students as an alternative to traditional secondary education, but because it is so progressive it will require a high level of support, Stock said.

In addition to the York YWCA, four other YWCAs in the state are partnering with Urban Charter, said Stouffer.

Parents can submit an application to pre-register their child at or by calling Lynda Crim at 717-819-2023 or

- Reach Chelsea Shank at 505-5432 or