The Dallastown Area School Board announced it has selected a replacement for Margaret Ibex.

Ibex resigned in October due to health reasons with a year left on her term.

In her place, the board on Thursday said it will appoint Jacobus resident and father of two Steven Bentzel.

Bentzel, 54, said he has been attending meetings for some time and is active in the community, so it made sense to volunteer his time on the board.

Bentzel has a daughter in college and a son, Aaron, who was honored by the school board at the same October meeting in which Ibex resigned. Aaron Bentzel, a senior JROTC cadet at the high school, earned a national Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement Award.

Now the elder Bentzel, a Columbia Gas employee, will get his own chance to make his mark in Dallastown.

"I expect there are quite a few challenges," Bentzel said.

Bentzel added he doesn't intend to focus on any one area as a board member.

"I will be equally concerned with everything," Bentzel said.

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