The York City School District's first meeting of its 20-person financial recovery advisory committee will be Wednesday.

David Meckley, the chief recovery officer appointed by the state, said the 6 p.m. meeting at the administration building will be public.

The committee will begin its work by getting a "balanced assessment of the current status of the district," Meckley said.

The department placed the city district on "moderate" financial recovery status on Dec. 12, placing it firmly under the supervision of the state.

The status gives Meckley power to recommend a plan on what should happen with the district budget, recommendations that the board must approve or face the threat of a receiver who won't need to ask for permission.

Timetable: The committee, full of district officials, parents, community members and educators, will come up with recommendations that Meckley will use to craft a plan and submit it for school board approval; the committee has 90 days from mid-December to get a plan prepared.

If the board doesn't approve the plan, which could include options such as converting schools to charters or cutting programs, all involved have one year to come up with an agreement or the state could appoint a receiver who could mandate a plan.

Meckley said he isn't overly concerned about the 90-day deadline, as the district is allowed to get a deadline extension.

The state wants York City to get it right, he said, more than getting it done quickly.


Still, he said he'd be "very surprised if the recovery plan wasn't completed by June."

Meckley has been working closely with York City's business office personnel as they develop the 2013-14 budget, he said.

Even if the recovery plan isn't approved before next year's budget, the school board could still have elements of the plan put into the budget, Meckley said.

Public input: The public will have its first chance for input at a Feb. 4 meeting, Meckley said. At the 6 p.m. meeting at the administration building, Meckley will go over the process to develop the plan and listen to suggestions. For more information, visit

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