The Dover Area School Board is searching for a new member following the resignation of Phil Herman, effective March 26.

Because the deadline for filing nominating papers for the May primary has passed, the board will appoint someone to fill Herman's seat, board president Bryan Rehm said.However, because Herman's resignation comes so far in advance of the November general election, the appointment will only be until December.

"If you want to serve longer, you have to get yourself of the ballot," Rehm told anyone who might be interested in running. Interested candidates can either run a write-in campaign or be nominated by either the Democrats or Republicans to have their names placed on the ballot.

The board will fill Herman's vacancy within 30 days, and board secretary Belinda Wallen will notify the county board of elections about the vacancy.

No reason was given for Herman's resignation. Anyone interested in serving on the school board should contact the administration for details on how to apply.

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