Issak Wolfe
Issak Wolfe (Submitted)

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The American Civil Liberties Union said Friday afternoon that an agreement has been announced with Red Lion Area School District regarding a transgender student attending prom this weekend with his girlfriend.

Transgender senior Issak Wolfe was planning to attend prom on Saturday with his girlfriend, a Red Lion graduate. But Red Lion principal Mark Shue had said he would prohibit Wolfe's girlfriend, Taylor Thomas, 19, from attending after she was critical of Shue online regarding his decision to switch Wolfe's spot on the prom court ballot to prom queen instead of prom king,, the ACLU said.

The district announced Friday they would allow Thomas to attend after all, according to the ACLU staff attorney Molly Tack-Hooper. Thomas had previously retracted some of the comments to help appease the district, Tack-Hooper said.

Wolfe is being represented by the ACLU after Shue decided to switch Wolfe to his birth name, Sierra Stambaugh, on the prom court ballot, a decision Wolfe said was "embarrassing" as he wasn't informed ahead of time and Wolfe has been going by his male name for several years. Wolfe's father, William Stambaugh, said Shue told him Wolfe was listed as a prom queen and not prom king candidate because Shue wanted to go with traditional gender roles.


The ACLU sent a letter on Friday demanding an apology, that Thomas be allowed to attend prom, and that Wolfe's preferred name and gender be recognized at graduation for the gender-specific gap and gown and reading of names.

"The Red Lion Area School District is working with the ACLU and ACLU of Pennsylvania to resolve the remaining issues identified in their original letter to the school district," the ACLU said in a statement.

Red Lion officials have decided not to comment on the situation, asking the media to "respect our privacy."