Heavy rains moved Susquehannock's graduation to the school's gym on Friday night. Overflow seating was available in the auditorium. Friends and family carried umbrellas as they headed inside.

237 graduates walked through the gym in their red robes.

Valedictorian Timothy Frey told his classmates that greatness does not require special talent and comes in an infinite number of forms. Greatness can be whatever someone wants it to be, but one must go out and find it, he said.

He told his fellow graduates that they can achieve greatness if the go outside their comfort zone and continue to push the bar higher.

Salutatorian Colleen McGonigle thought back to when the dream was to be a princess or superhero. Now that graduates are thinking at jobs and majors, it's important to remember that even if they are not superheroes trying to save the world, they can still use their skills and, with the help of others, can change the world, she said.

Darryl Engler is an alumni who graduated in 1965. He started teaching for the district in 1969 and retired in 1999.

Engler said he lives by the saying "nothing's fair." He told graduates that when they encounter something that's not fair, that there are two options: accept things the way they are, or change them.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," Engler said, quoting President John F. Kennedy.

He then gave the graduates a challenge.


He told them that on the school website, under the Alumni section, there is a place for them to add their names to Alumni database. He said the every class so far has added some names and that the class of 1987 has the 61 names, the most names so far. He urged graduates to check out the Alumni site and add their names to the database to try to have the most names.

Principal Robert Bryson continued his tradition of sitting in his white rocking chair and reading a story to the graduates. This year the story was "Yay You" by Sandra Boynton. The story ended with, "I know you'll be great, you already are."

Bryson's final words to the class were, "Make it a great life or not, the choice is yours."

Susquehannock High School Class of 2013

Number of graduates: 237

Graduation ceremony held: June 7 in the gym

Valedictorian: Timothy Frey

Salutatorian: Colleen McGonigle

Other speakers: Class Vice President Mackenzie Bates, Principal Robert Bryson, class Secretary Jeanette Wilson, alumni Darryl Engler, class President Kristin Hedgeland