The 2012 International Powerlifting Association's National Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships are set for this weekend at the York Barbell Company.

The event is being organized by Chaillet's Private Fitness and York Barbell. Action is set to start at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 80 athletes from across the country are expected to compete.

Powerlifting competition includes performing the squat, bench press and dead lift, in that order. Each lifter is allowed three attempts for each type of lift. The total of the highest squat, bench press and dead lift is tallied to determine the respective winners.

Three local women lifters of note are set to compete.

Jules Furniss of Glen Rock will compete in the 132-pound women's open bench only division. She is one of the IPA's best female bench pressers. Lewisberry's Elaine Grimwood hopes to total 10 times her bodyweight of 105 pounds in her lifts. And Dillsburg resident Mary Nauman wants to break her dead-lift record of 225 pounds at 63 years of age.

In addition, super heavyweight Dan Kovacs from Pittsburgh will take a stab at breaking Don Reinhoudt's 38-year-old record of 2,298 pounds wearing no supportive equipment except a belt. Kovacs lifted 2,2021/2 pounds at the 2011 IPA Nationals.

Adult tickets cost $12 per day or $22 for a two-day ticket. Children's tickets are $5 per day for those under 10. Children under 5 will be admitted free.


Saturday's lifting will feature all women, teens and men's weight classes through 198 pounds. Sunday's lifting features all men's divisions from the 220-pound through super heavyweight classes.